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Red Rose Publishing.
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What Color is Love, Interracial Romance
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Victorian Dreams, by Empress LaBlaque
Amira Press

Victorian Dreams
Allie Beset is employed by Sullivan Realtors. When asked to photograph an old mansion for their internet site, she opens a door and finds herself back in the Victorian era. Although it’s the 1800’s, Allie discovers she was never a slave, wealthy, and married to a refined blue-eyed lawyer. Edward Coe is about to run for Governor, but people are not about to accept his Black wife. How far will people go to destroy this mixed-matched pair and their undying affections? Interracial, Historical, Time Travel, Paranormal. Empress LaBlaque
Review: Victorian Dream is endering. It made my heart race until the bitter end!

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Bad Boys Don’t Play Fair, by Empress LaBlaQue
Someone is trying to murder Lavender Bennett, but who could it be? Although Lavender is a drug counselor she has a fetish for rehabilitating bad boys. Her track record proves she’s had her share of hardnosed criminals. When Lavender is brutally attacked and left for dead, Austin Glasser is the nurse who fights to save her life. Soon, Lavender leaves the hospital and returns to her bad boy lifestyle. Unfortunately, Austin’s tender mannerisms linger in her mind. Since Austin is Caucasian, she wonders if he’s interested in a chocolate kiss. Can Lavender drop her bad habits before she loses her life and a man who wears a halo? Interracial, Romance, Mystery, Drama,

My Brother’s Keeper $1.95

Juicy Jones was a small-time drug dealer and Paul’s younger brother. Paul was handsome, successful and climbing the corporate ladder. Juicy was jealous. He always wanted everything Paul loved, including his wife. He would do anything to have his brother out of his way, including sending him to prison.

Tempest is no fool, she feels Juicy had Paul set-up and jailed on fake charges. With her husband incarcerated, she finds it difficult to make ends meet. Tempest quits college and goes to work in a factory as a welder. The men rally against her, making her job difficult. Things heat up when her supervisor tries to trick her into bed. Tempest’s heart belongs to Paul, but she’s lonely and starving for affection. Can Tempest keep her starvation abated until Paul is cleared of drug charges? Empress LaBlaQue

What Color is Love? $1.95

Tamela Johnson is an outstanding Rehabilitation Counselor. She conducts seminars all over the United States. Of course she has everything under control, including her love life. Wrong! While attending a boring seminar, Tamela met Lane Corbett, an English gentleman. She is horrified when he reveals he has been following her and has an undeniable crush on her. Because Lane is smitten, Tamela wonders if he realizes she's Black. Is Lane blind or simply crazy? Empress LaBlaQue

Heads, I Win—Tails, You Lose $1.95

To add a little spice to my marriage, I started seeing a guy named, Samuel. I did some pretty wild things, but I was so starved for love that—well you know. It was my idea for Samuel to become Samantha, and Barron would not be the wiser. As Samantha, Samuel could be at my every beck and call. In a game of cat and mouse, what would happen if Samantha mischievously approached Barron?
Empress LaBlaQue

Sorry, Wrong Number $1.95

Porter Stewart teaches Greek Mythology at the university. Jorey Jeffers is the busy owner of a successful café. When Porter visits Jorey’s café she doesn’t acknowledge his existence. Porter longs for her affections. His feelings are so intense he has realistic dreams about her. During these dreams, Porter leaves his body and steals Jorey’s soul. Suddenly, Jorey is plagued with vivid nightmares of passionate encounters. Meanwhile, Porter continues to call and his calls go unanswered. Jorey insists he has the wrong number.
Empress LaBlaQue

And Now I See, $1.95

Kenda Scott was injured in a terrible car accident. She awoke to find her father had been killed and she was left completely blind. Although Kenda was filthy rich, she became resentful, bitter and cold. She allowed no one to penetrate the darkness in her life. One day, a handsome Texas cowboy named Blacky Jamison, rode into town. This thirty-five year old veterinarian meets Kenda, but he’s repulsed by her lack of gratitude. Out of sheer desperation he kidnaps her and teaches her that life is glorious, and still worth living. Empress LaBlaQue

Cherry Rose, A Vampire's Feast $1.95

Cherry Rose, A Vampire's Feast
Cherry Rose is a thirty year old Travel Agent who agrees to drive from Michigan to Georgia to pick up her niece. Somehow, she manages to follow a long line of thunderstorms. Cherry discovers she is running out of gas. She stops for fuel in a deserted town where lightening has plunged the entire town into darkness. Cherry can't get gas and her cell phone won't get out. While she contemplates what to do, she is approached by a mysterious male who befriends her. He takes her to his house on the hill. Once the door is closed, he manages to grant Cherry’s every whim. After granting these small favors, he asks for something that could cost her—her life. Empress LaBlaQue

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