Monday, July 28, 2008

Lady Leo Publishing

My Brother's Keeper

Juicy Jones was a small-time drug dealer and Paul’s younger brother. Paul was handsome, successful and climbing the corporate ladder. Juicy was jealous. He always wanted everything Paul loved, including his wife. He would do anything to have his brother out of his way, including sending him to prison.

Tempest is no fool, she feels Juicy had Paul set-up and jailed on fake charges. With her husband incarcerated, she finds it difficult to make ends meet. Tempest quits college and goes to work in a factory as a welder. The men rally against her, making her job difficult. Things heat up when her supervisor tries to trick her into bed. Tempest’s heart belongs to Paul, but she’s lonely and starving for affection. Can Tempest keep her starvation abated until Paul is cleared of drug charges?
Empress LaBlaque

Sorry, Wrong Number

Porter Stewart teaches Greek Mythology at the university. Jorey Jeffers is the busy owner of a successful café. When Porter visits Jorey’s café she doesn’t acknowledge his existence. Porter longs for her affections. His feelings are so intense he has realistic dreams about her. During these dreams, Porter leaves his body and steals Jorey’s soul. Suddenly, Jorey is plagued with vivid nightmares of passionate encounters. Meanwhile, Porter continues to call and his calls go unanswered. Jorey insists he has the wrong number. Empress LaBlaque

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